Crumbs Bake Shop

A bottle of white, a bottle of red. Perhaps a bottle of rosé instead. The restaurant is a perfect place to pursue romantic interests and reminisce about long lost loves.

Basic Info

Locale Type: Restaurant
City: New York
City Zone: Brooklyn Heights (Commercial)
Management: Siren's Corporation
Quality: 50
Condition: nice
Cash: 2,244,991.70 M$
Service Cost: 0.10 M$
Current storage size: 4223 of 15000 MU

Note from the Management

After having worked in the bakery section of her family's restaurant, Siren's Song, for nearly ten years, Chloe Urban opened Crumbs Bake Shop, located at 40 Broad St. in Lower Manhattan, during the fall of 79.

Crumbs offers a dining area for having breakfast, lunch, or a snack in our shop. In addition to our cupcake of the day, Crumbs serves various drinks including coffee and tea as well as nearly any bread or baked dessert you can imagine.

Contact Chloe Urban to make arrangements for birthday cakes, wedding cakes, and large quantity orders.