Backstreet Devs

Backstreet Devs

Backstreet Devs is one of the Contenders of the music industry. Pursuing stardom since 8/26/2010 the artist is currently ranked as the #1015 Heavy Metal act. The artist is considered to be from Amsterdam. This artist doesn't accept invitations from competitions.

Heavy Metal #1015 $199,443,054.67

Artist Buzz

Backstreet Devs released the awesome single Magnum Opus (What else) on 2/25/2015.

Message to the Fans

Is it a bird?
is it a plane?
No it's... the Backstreet Devs Teleportation Tour!!!

Tickets: SIX dollars a pop! Otherwise we won't accept the invitations people.


Crash Test Gringo
J. Farnsworth
Acoustic Guitarist / Dancer

Jupiter's Cock
B. Samuels
Band Leader
Acoustic Guitarist / Bag Piper
Member since 8/26/2010

Lawrence Jesterton...
B. Mackenzie
Band Leader
Banjo Player / Dancer
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