Welcome to Popmundo

Popmundo is an online role-playing game and community where the players strive for fame in a virtual music industry.

You start the game as a complete nobody with nothing but your hopes and dreams. You can practice your music, play a few gigs, and begin to build a fanbase. Play your cards right and you'll soon be touring the world, cutting chart-topping records, and leaving a wake of tantalizing scandals behind you!

The game is played in real time and the game keeps on going even when you're not logged in. Success in the game is determined by careful strategy and good timing, not by constant online presence. It's perfectly possible to be successful in the game by logging in a couple of times a week to check up on things.

Popmundo is free of charge and no downloads are necessary to play it. If you can read this you're good to go.

Latest Community News

This Week in Real Life #10
Server time10/18/2018

This week we celebrated Festival of the Lost... ehrm no... wrong game! We celebrated being last man standing in Blackout... ehrm no... damnit. Quick! We need to make something up for this week's TWiRL!!! Seriously though, this week wasn't all fun and games so far, we managed to get some work done as well.

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Hey, you. Don't use untrusted scripts!
Server time10/12/2018

There are currently two malicious scripts available that we know of, that presents themselves as harmless, but instead does something bad to you. One kicks you out of your band, and the other one makes it possible for a person to steal money from you (after they have befriended you).

There's nothing we can do to prevent these scripts, so it's up to you to be careful.

In general, we do not promote the use of scripts at all. At the best, they cause us "just" a few extra bug reports, but some scripts use up so much resources from our servers that they are the reason the game is slow at times. Since we really cannot prevent you from using scripts, you should consider to only use those you can get from a trusted source (like Popodeus).

Have a nice weekend, people, and stay safe!

PS. Don't use scripts.

This Week in Real Life #9
Server time10/11/2018

This week our fingers thawed a bit, but autumn is just around the corner and we've started stocking up on canned preserves. Best be prepared for sub zero degrees and roaming polar bears!

Since we're all in the midst of bigger projects, there's not much to report. The usual bugs have been slain, a temporary connection error was handled, and all the monthly paperwork has been done. However:

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