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Attention Record Studios II
Server time8/31/2017

This morning all record studios got the money from yesterday's record sales. If you look at your income you'll notice that you still see the total amount of money earned, but instead of seeing how many physical copies you sold in total, you'll see how many of your records were sold. Apart from that minor difference and the fact that record studios will get their money from record sales on Thursdays from now on, we expect record sales to be much less taxing on our database in the future.

Cleaning out the closet!
Server time8/9/2017

This month we're cleaning out the closet from some old, dusty rags, which haven't seen the light of day in a long, long time. Hopefully we won't find any skeletons lurking in there once we're done.

For the next four weeks these special item packages will be available at a 20% discount. Enjoy the remainder of the summer people!

The Big XV
Server time6/15/2017

If you know what National Theatre, Kissing Slits, The Knights who say Ni!, OneWayTrip, Disillusion, Pappateam, Karma, Seppuku, Orange From The Ground, Exquisite Sex Criminals, Valkyrie, speKtrum, On The Mushroom and Annesthesia have in common, then you know what is on its way.

The Popmundo Festival XV will take place in London on November 8-10, and the qualifying round on October 25-27. To read more about the qualifiers and everything else you need to participate - go check out the Pomundo Festival on our social pages. Good luck!