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5000 days!
Server time11/20/2017

Today we've been online for over 5000 days. To us that's just mind blowing, who would've thunk it? As a token of our gratitude, for putting up with us that long, we've left you all a little something back where this journey first started. THANK YOU!

The Calm Before the Storm
Server time11/8/2017

In a couple of hours the final round of the Fifteenth Popmundo Festival will begin! Os Supimpas are scheduled to go up on stage first, we wish them, and all other finalist the best of luck. There's a song on the radio that says "Let's get this party started". So let's get this party started!

Popmundo Festival News
Server time10/27/2017

The qualifiers are almost over. Once they are the results will be verified to make sure nobody deviated from the festival rules in any way. Invitations to the final in London will be handed out to everyone who qualified on Monday next week.

After the invitations have been handed out everyone are encouraged to visit their nearest festival grounds to make a personal prediction on which band they think will win the festival. You have to make your prediction before the final round in London starts. Once the festival is over achievements will be handed out to anyone who've made a decent prediction.

Enjoy the weekend everyone!