R. Martínez


R. is 19 years old. He is the Harmonica Player of The Good, the Bad & the Ugly. R. is also known as "the Ugly". R. is located in Dubrovnik at Gradska Plaža.

R. likes to exercise at the gym during off hours and is trying to compose music in order to get ahead professionally.

Oh cielos, ¡Emily Martínez es el verdadero amor de mi vida!

Attitude Super friendly
State Normal
Mood 100
Health 99
Star Quality 100
Cash $2,595,408.44
VIP Member
Game: Popmundo
Points: 2570
Time Played: 3417 days
Authorities: Editor The Insider, Translator

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cumpleaños amor! 19 años ya, aunque hay días que parecen 50 jaja. Te quiero mucho. Oye, deja algo de pastel para mi

Y como se que tu pasión secreta es Hello Kitty, te conseguí uno muy especial

Tampoco podía faltar tu canción

Posted 4/17/2018, 2:00 AM

All characters in Popmundo are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental.

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